Women’s wool coat

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The women’s A-line coat is perfect for the fall / spring season.
Model with a belt, so it beautifully emphasizes the waist.
Gray leather belt with gold buckle.
The cuffs of the coat are decorated with decatar buttons.
The high collar looks very stylish.
Functional roomy side pockets.
Back slit.
High quality fabric (wool and cashmere) perfectly protects from wind and cold and is easy to care for.
Dry cleaning required.

Model is 179 cm tall and wears a size 46

Sheep wool is one of the most popular types of wool, a natural and long-used fiber. The wool is soft, warm, breathable and protects well from temperature changes. It is argued that wool fiber performs natural micromassage, during which blood circulation improves, the body undergoes recovery processes, and healing occurs faster. Wool outerwear will always keep you warm and comfortable.

Cashmere is one of the most expensive wool in the world. A very light, delicate, warm fiber that shines like silk. Thin cashmere insulates heat very well – a soft and dense fabric, even if not thicker than a couple of millimeters, warms even at an outside temperature of -40 °. Cashmere perfectly retains its shape, does not stretch, does not fade, and with proper care it lasts for many years, so it is excellent for the production of outerwear and coats.

Polyamide is a synthetic fiber with high abrasion resistance (about 20 times more than wool and 10 times more than cotton). Fabrics containing this fiber do not wrinkle, are strong and elastic. The biggest disadvantages of polyamide are low light resistance (yellowing, fading), electrification. In order to reduce the negative properties and give strength to clothes – polyamide fiber is mixed with other natural fibers (wool, cashmere, linen, etc.). This type of fabric fits directly to the body, much more resistant to wear, does not stretch, does not require special care, dries quickly.

Additional information


  • Outer shell: 70% wool, 20% polyamide, 10% cashmere


Producer: Mapata Co.


Style: 4193

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