Women’s wool knitted suit

119.99 83.99


The loose fit guarantees perfect fit and comfort.
High waist trousers with elastic band.
Convenient and functional side pockets.
The suit fits from S to M size.
The high-quality composition guarantees ease of care of the suit.

Wool is an irreplaceable source of warmth and comfort. It is a fiber made from the hairline of various animals. It is a delicate and soft fabric that is good for the skin, traps heat and keeps cold out. Wool products are pleasant to the body, warm, do not lose their shape and are easy to care for.

Nylon is a durable, lightweight synthetic fabric. In the composition with wool, nylon gives the clothes durability, it is easy to care for such clothes, it does not lose its shape and dries faster.

Cashmere is one of the most expensive wool in the world. A very light, delicate, warm fiber that shines like silk. Thin cashmere insulates heat very well – a soft and dense fabric, even if not thicker than a couple of millimeters, warms even at an outside temperature of -40 °. Cashmere perfectly retains its shape, does not stretch, does not fade, and with proper care it lasts for many years, so it is excellent for the production of outerwear and coats.

Additional information


  • 60% wool
  • 20% cashmere
  • 20% nylon

Importer:  UAB “Azianė”

Made to order by Silver Fox

Article: SF1923

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